Professional Services

Our information and communication technology services help you enhance and maintain your IT environment to improve the overall quality and efficiency of your operations, our constant support, and maintenance ensure your IT investment is worth it.

Our services range

Advanced Services

  • Making the best use of deployed technology.
  • Achieve complete visibility of network to improve uptime.
  • Protection from the latest risks and vulnerabilities.
  • Mitigating all the identified risks and protect the brand value.
  • Increasing the efficiency of networks.
  • Follow industry standard best practices.

Implementation Services

  • Requirements Validation.
  • Facilities Qualification (Site Survey).
  • Low-Level Design Development.
  • Migration Plan Development.
  • User Acceptance Test Plan Development.
  • Implementation and Acceptance Test Execution.
  • Knowledge Transfer and Final Documentation.

Implementation Services
ZAK's Project Management Office (PMO) has significantly contributed to ZAK's Intelligent Network Solution's achievement of consistently outstanding customer feedback.

  • Initiating phase.
  • Planning phase.
  • Executing phase.
  • Monitoring and control phase.
  • Closing phase.